Aberdeen’s Best Italian Restaurant (Yes, We’re Bias)

Photo Credit to Byron Banasiak/Travel South Dakota and to the Aberdeen Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

When visiting Aberdeen, South Dakota, you might be surprised to learn of the wide variety of ethnic restaurants available. From authentic Mexican to Thai to Puerto Rican to Italian, you can find delicious dishes inspired from all over the world.

The Alonzo Ward Hotel & Plaza is home to one of Aberdeen’s favorite ethnic restaurants – Roma Ristorante Italiano. This charming hotel restaurant boasts a warm and inviting ambiance, delectable Italian cuisine, and exceptional service making it a must-visit for anyone craving a taste of Italy.

What to Expect on the Menu

Roma Ristorante Italiano is a restaurant with rich and authentic Italian culture. Restaurant owner, Raffi Ismaili, grew up in Italy and has a passion for gourmet food. His Italian and Albanian roots shine through in his carefully crafted menu. You’ll find pasta dishes, seafood options, Italian subs, New York-style pizza and of course dessert. There’s a bambino’s (that means children’s) menu and gluten-free options to ensure everyone finds something they love. 

summer flowers and trees on main street downtown aberdeen south dakota

Entrees include a serving of the most amazing fresh-baked bread you’ll ever experience. Paired with their dipping oil, it’s almost reason enough to stop by. When asked if you’d like soup or salad the answer is yes and ask for the house dressing to go with your salad, you will not be disappointed. While perusing the menu don’t miss the Roma Specialties and consider one of our favorites, the Sausage and Pepper Parmigiana, a delicious, flavorful dish.

Recently Relocated and Renovated

Roma’s, as the Aberdeen locals refer to it, has been part of the community for a decade. While The Alonzo Ward Hotel & Plaza has always been its home, during the building’s 2022 renovations, the hotel restaurant was relocated to the northwest corner of the hotel lobby. The new space offers an upscale design while maintaining an intimate, yet welcoming feel. Roma’s is perfect for both a romantic dinner and is equipped to handle larger parties as well. They also take reservations, which is tough to find in Aberdeen. 

roma ristorante italiano italian food pasta dishes on white plates

The renovation included the addition of a spot to grab a drink after work, upon hotel check-in, or before you call it a night and head up to your hotel room. Roma’s bar offers a selection of beers on tap, wine by the glass or the bottle and a full menu of cocktail options. If you’re staying with us, we encourage you to check out this hotel restaurant and bar, Roma Ristorante Italiano is a local favorite for good reason.